Our Partner Camps

Pioneered by PYE Power of Hope Camp co-founders Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy, the Creative Empowerment Model is at the center of an international network of organizations working to empower young people around the world (see camp locations below). Programs based on this Model are guided by a core set of values which help create communities that support authentic connections and deep learning. These values include:

  • Young people thrive in communities where they feel safe, supported, and appreciated.
  • We are all creative. Youth are a wellspring of creativity and vitality
  • Creativity ignites intrinsic motivation, and stimulates socio-emotional maturity in youth.
  • Social and emotional literacy, creativity, intrinsic motivation, and problem solving are more accurate predictors of life success than IQ and test scores.
  • Diversity is a resource for learning and empowerment.
  • The challenges we face require cross-generational collaboration and exchange of ideas and wisdom.
  • People develop their orientation to the world during ages 14-24, making youth the most critical age for visioning and skill building.
  • Young people thrive in the company of authentic, caring, compassionate adults, who are alive to their own creativity

Learn more about the Creative Empowerment Model, celebrating its 25th year in 2021, at the Partners for Youth Empowerment website.

Camps around the world

Power of Hope Canada, Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada: powerofhope.ca

Power of Hope Camp at Commonweal, Bolinas, CA, US: commonweal.org

Culture Jam Camp near Eugene, Oregon, US: oregoncountryfair.org

LIFEbeat Camps in Leicestershire, UK: lifebeat.co.uk

IndigenEYEZ 7-Day Transformation Camp for aboriginal youth in BC, Canada: indigeneyez.com

5-Day Y-WE Write Camp, with Young Women Empowered, on Whidbey Island, WA, US: youngwomenempowered.org

One Love Youth Camp, Jamaica: bobmarleyfoundation.org

Dream a Dream camps in cities across India: dreamadream.org